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career. cruz was the first boxer to come out. and greg louganis came out. the white house is commending jason collins for going public about being gay. he said the obama administration supports jason collins and called his decision courageous. >> commend him for his courage and support him in his, you know -- in this effort and hope his fans and his team support him going forward. >> former president bill clinton voiced encouragement for him saying the announcement is an important moment. jason collins' revelation generated this tweet from the boston red sox, we salute you jason collins for your courage and leadership. anytime you want to throw out a first pitch, let us know. at 6:00 p.m. the implications of jason collins' announcement and how it could open new door. >>> the relocation committee recommended the kings should not be allowed to move to seattle. it will be up up to the nba owners. the relocation committee is made up of 12 owners and their recommendation was unanimous. that is expected to set the tone for the final vote. after the vote kevin johnson tweeted that is what i am
in the senate version and that typo meant president obama could not sign the bill. the senate corrected the typo and sent it to the white house the president had said that he will sign the bill. >>> nasa is renewing its contract with russia. nasa agreed to pay russia $424 million to extend the contract to 2017. the 10% increase over the last contract or about $70 million for each round trip. nasa blames congress for the pricey contract. >>> well, let's go back to the weather now, a red flag warning just about to go in effect about 45 minutes or so. what's going on? >> the winds are kicking up and that will be following by the red flag warning. here we got some winds coming up and of course the fire concerns are there. the red flag warning is a big deal. the high pressures are building in and pushing clouds down the valley. but you got clouds right now and some clouds. there is the red flag warning right there and you can see the hill tops, that does not mean it would not be dangerous fire conditions. again, if you are down about 5 or 600 feet, you can still have an issue obviously. the winds are
as lawmakers grappled with the question of a u.s. response. now that the white house concedes it is probable the regime used chemical weapons on its people. republicans point to president obama's own declare racial that use of chemicals would be a red line republicans say america could attack aryan air bases with missiles. >> the greatest risk is a failed state with chemical weapons falling in the hands of islam ickes and pouring into syria the longer this goes, the more likely you will have a failed state and all hell will break loose. >> democrat lawmaker called for more assistance. the u.s. said it is currently senting supplies such as night vision goggles and body armour to the syrian rebels. >> >> bangladesh a fire broke out in the wreck an of the collapsed factory as the death toll hit at least 377. sparks from a machine being used to cut steel to free a woman trapped in the rubble likely started that fire. investigators believe the woman ended up dieing in the blaze. meantime, the fugitive owner of the building was arrested near the indian border. >>> in italy, gunman opened fire outs
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3